Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CreteDefender Review and Discussion

One  product we must encourage you to explore is CreteDefender.   In addition to exploring the amazing performance benefits of this product, I hope you will also explore the extreme expertise these guys have with respect to properly specifying your concrete mix and long term performance.  I have some links below that can help you become a Concrete Expert. 
CreteDefender™ is a clear, water-borne chemical solution… a penetrating concrete sealer. The proprietary formulation of reactive silicates and surfactants (chemicals that break the surface tension and allow for deep penetration) is designed to react with the calcium and lime in concrete. This reaction forms a gel that fills the pores and micro-cracks inside the concrete. The reaction takes approximately 75 days to complete, though your concrete is protected after 24 hours.
As the gel hardens, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete matrix. The reaction penetrates up to 4 inches (102 mm) into the slab. This reaction is irreversible and permanent.
The results of this reaction provide the following benefits to concrete:
Makes concrete impervious to salt (chloride) intrusion and the damage salt causes
Immediately STOPS the reactions from salt and other chemicals that cause damage
Eliminates dusting and flaking of properly finished concrete
Eliminates freeze/thaw damage
Corrects and stabilizes the pH of concrete
Hardens and adds density to concrete
Increases surface hardness by 45%
Provides substantial chemical resistance
Prevents efflorescence
Increases slip resistance on both smooth, machine troweled concrete and broom finished concrete
Makes concrete harder to scratch
Makes concrete bond better to paint, epoxy, urethane, and other coatings
Reduces Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) in concrete (a major cause of epoxy and urethane floor failure)
CreteDefender works inside or outside, horizontally or vertically.

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