Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paint and Caulking Choices

Paint and Caulking Choices carry tremendous consequence for Homeowners

Despite tremendous advances in paint and coatings technology, many builders, contractors and property owners still use products that have costly long-term consequences when wood rots, metal rusts, bricks crumble, walls crack, or paint peels.
Most painting and wood care products sold by the mass merchandisers and national chain stores demonstrate repeated failure and costly maintenance issues. Many widely sold products cost consumers and the environment. We encourage clients to shop in local independent paint and decorating centers for their projects.

The bidding process for most projects forces minuscule cost cutting with costly results in the long run. Material and caulking supplies should be specified by the owner, and separated from labor costs for most projects. Many times, a project will require 2-3 specialty caulks for various specific purposes.

We frequently see property owners bearing the cost of preventable paint failures and wood replacement on homes only a few years old. Many times, product choices are made based on short term savings on material, or simply a lack of awareness of newer, superior performing products availability. Many times, clients force the contractor to use inferior products by seeking continually lower bids their projects. Material costs should always be separated from a project bid, evaluating option costs based on long term expectations.

Miniscule savings on materials results in cheaper products being used in all phases of many projects. We can help you evaluate cost-effective choices and long -term value for every aspect of your project.

New Home Painting Guide

By helping our clients choose and acquire all the products and supplies needed to complete a project, there is no pressure on the contractor to even consider cost minimizing of materials for your job at the expense of quality.

We strongly encourage the use of water-based paint technology for your painting projects. There are superior performing, environmentally friendly alternatives to solvent based paints and primers.

Many readily available paint and caulking products boast from 10-45 year durability, yet we see widespread problems and failure, inside and out, within 3-5 years on many new homes and other types of buildings. Many paint failures result from the "one product does it all" approach. We seek manufacturers committed to the highest levels of performance and quality.

We are obligated to the manufacturers of none of the products that we discuss. We will present our products of choice for various painting, caulking, and specialty coatings projects. These choices are based on continual evaluation of past projects, and various products' durability and performance. Our history has enabled us to evaluate the long-term performance of numerous brands and types of paint products. We continually research and evaluate new products, tools, and procedures available for a variety of painting and specialty coatings projects. Our team consists of experienced paint sales representatives, certified coatings consultants, and specialty contractors.

By considering existing conditions, as well as product requirements and expectations, we seek to provide you the best wood coating systems and paint products available. We continually consult with other professionals to further expand the information made available here.

Using professionally proven superior-performing products and systems can prevent many common paint and wood coating problems. We help you implement these solutions through local independent paint stores who are part of the PaintSource Network.