Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PaintSource Videos

The PaintSource Network features various types of paint and wood coatings projects
on houses, decks, commercial buildings, and other structures. We discuss common
problems, and demonstrate the better solutions we have researched and tested for a
variety of projects over the last 20 years. We are a network of industry professionals
who share a passion for educating our clients.

We hope the following videos are helpful for your projects.

Interior Painting Hardwood Floors
Preparing and Painting Walls Choosing a Finish for Hardwood Floors
Painting Paneled Doors- Project Guide Guide to Finishing Hardwood Floors
Caulking Trim
Caulking Baseboard Decks
Preparing Walls to Paint Applying Deck Stains
Discussion - Wall Prep and Patching
Dust-Free Drywall Sanding
Masking Trim and Ceiling
Taping Baseboard
Painting Baseboard
14 Inch Roller for Walls
Exterior Painting
Exterior Wood Care
Paint Failure New Wood Window Deck Care Discussions at YouTube
Exterior Oil Paint Failure Sanding Wood Decking
Sanding Wood Windows
Paint Failure Porch Rail and Spindle Testing Moisture in Wood
Painting Porch Rail Applying Coating to Deck Spindles
Caulking Window Airless Spray and BackBrush
Paint Failure Wood Window Roll and BackBrush Siding

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