Thursday, August 28, 2008

Common Exterior Paint and Finish Problems

The PaintSource Guide to Painting and Protecting the Home's Exterior
Many common preventable paint and caulking problems continue to cost homeowners and frustrate contractors. Many of these problems can be minimized or eliminated by using some of the proven solutions and procedures outlined here. We will be happy to consult with you about the causes and simple solutions to common paint and finish problems that most homeowners find on new and old houses.

1. Exterior Paint Failures resulting from the use of finger-jointed and / or Pre-Primed exterior wood siding, windows, and trim.

2. Failure of inferior Deck Coatings and subsequent cupping, splitting, and warping of treated decking material.

3. Concrete spalling, chipping, and pitting on driveways, patios, and walkways. The most common issue is adding too much water to the mix to make it easier to work. Too much water weakens the concrete and creates a pore structure that invites damage. You must take charge of the specifications for your concrete. Concrete must be sealed to prevent water damage.

4. Use of Oil-based Paint on exterior wood leading to a brittle and non-breathable paint film that will crack and trap moisture; resulting in costly repaint, and wood deterioration or rot. See Video

5. The use of Marine Spar Varnish and other Polyurethanes on wooden entryways and doors leading to moisture entrapment, brittle film cracking, and guaranteed coating failure on exterior wood surfaces.

6. Moisture damage to a variety of surfaces and substrates resulting from the common use of inferior or incorrect Caulking Products, or the "one caulk does it all" approach. See Video

7. Poor results and coating failure when painting or staining Fiberglass Doors. See Video

8. Painting Wooden Door

Our systematic approach encompasses all aspects of exterior painting and starts before the job is bid. You must specify the specific steps and products required to paint and caulk your home to get the best looking, longest-lasting exterior protection. We have observed and tested these proven procedures to reduce callbacks, and to help you achieve a better quality and lower maintenance home.