Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Painting Exterior Doors

For the exterior, a painted metal or wooden door is a tough surface to protect. Acrylic finishes will usually outperform oil-based paint on a wooden door due to their breathability and flexibility. While oil-based finishes offer superior flow and leveling during application, oil- based coatings generally chalk, crack, and fade rapidly. If the door is already coated with an oil based product, it is usually best to sand the door, clean, prime, and apply a finish of 100% Acrylic Paint if the door gets a lot of sun.

Acrylics exhibit good color and gloss retention, and offer the flexibility needed for exterior wood. The disadvantage of the acrylics is that they dry quickly, making a slick smooth finish more difficult. You need to use flow additives, the right premium Acrylic Paint , and good technique. Try to paint in cooler temperatures, and protect the door from direct sun during application and curing.
Be careful on wooden doors covered by an unvented storm door. Trapped heat can cause some coatings to bubble, especially dark colors.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spare Time

CKRH is a therapeutic riding program located at the Kentucky Horse Park. This program has provided diverse therapy to more than 1000 children and adults using the unique bond between man and horse.

Central Kentucky Riding for Hope is dedicated to enriching the community by improving the quality of life and the health of children and adults with special physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs through therapeutic activities using the horse.

We hope you will visit the CKRH site for information about this special program. The new covered arena for the program that was a dream 5 years ago has become a reality, as we have moved in our new facility and held our first sessions there in June and July 09, with added classes all day long, allowing to the program to assist many, many more students. More details here.
Therapy can now continue year around, even in rain, heat, and snow.

CKRH still needs additional support to carry on the efforts of many.

Please Read More Here about helping this effort.

Hoof Notes - Summer 2008

Hoof Notes - Summer 2009

Therapeutic Riding is offered by similar programs in many communities across the country.

About Therapeutic Riding

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Doug Wilson
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